Angling and Fishing - Try a hand at one of the most favourite pass time options...try fishing in an Indian animal sanctuary.
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Angling and Fishing in India

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About Angling and Fishing
One of the most favoured options while in an animal sanctuary is the sport of angling and fishing. The terms angling and fishing are often used synonymously, with the only difference being in the equipment used for the sport. While fishing is defined as the activity of hunting for fish, angling is a form of fishing which is defined as the practise of catching fish by means of an angle or hook. The hook, in turn, is attached by a line to a fishing rod.

Since centuries, fishing has been a popular sport and one the most favourite past times of people. Centuries ago, our ancestors used to catch fish to satisfy their hunger. Today, the activity has been converted into an adventure sport and more and more people are taking up to angling and fishing. Most of the animal sanctuaries in India offer the tourists, the opportunity of angling and fishing in its lakes and fresh water streams. Spend hours besides the lake with your fishing rod while enjoying the cool weather and serene environs. Remember that fishing at some places may require prior permission from the park authorities, so be sure to obtain all the required permits before you set out for the day.

In angling, it is sometimes expected that after a catch, the fish will be returned back to the water, a practice disliked by some people who believe that it is unethical to inflict pain on a living being without any purpose. Anglers provide their own arguments in denial of this, such that the fish are expected to have tough mouths to catch their prey.

Get Your Equipment Right
Before you can start fishing, it is important to get proper equipment. A fishing rod consists of a length of fishing line attached to a pole or rod. A fishing pole is a stick with a rope that is attached to a hook used for suspending bait.

General Tips

Major Angling and Fishing Regions
A number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India offer its visitors the opportunity of angling and fishing.
India has fast become a hub for adventure sports enthusiasts and nature lovers from around the world. Click Here! to be a part of the action.

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