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Wildlife in India

Wildlife in India
India has always been a fete for wildlife enthusiasts from around the world with its fascinating myriad of flora and fauna that has remained both unique and mysterious for nature lovers. The variegated wildlife species can be seen in over 80 national parks, 440 wildlife sanctuaries and 23 tiger reserves set up by the Government of India in a bid to preserve this vital resource. Come aboard this fascinating voyage with Wildlife Tour India that is sure to leave you mesmerized and wanting for more.

Being in a forest is in itself an exciting experience and a wildlife vacation ranks among the best available holiday options. Perhaps the fact that wandering into the animal territory where life is dictated by the rising and setting of the sun, generates a sense of exhilaration and a new zeal into our urbanized souls. The reasons may be many but the sighting of a wild animal in its natural habitat surely makes for a fascinating moment. Be it the spine chilling trail for the majestic predator through the jungles of Corbett or the expedition in search of the rarest and most beautiful avian species in the forests of Bharatpur - Indian wilderness will simply leave you bedazzled! The experience will be livelier if you plan to stay in a wildlife resort where an altogether different experience awaits you. A wildlife holiday in India will give you pleasant memories to cherish for life. We at Wildlife Tour India have an excellent infrastructure and add to it the years of experience, to ensure a hassle free and adventurous holiday escapade for you.

Indian Flora and Fauna
The Indian subcontinent is rich in both floral and fauna species. According to estimates, India has about 18% of the plant and 8% of the total animal species found in the world, which makes the country a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and nature gazers. The prime attractions found in the Indian wilderness include the lord of the beasts, Royal Bengal Tiger and the mammoth Indian Elephant. Other wildlife species include the Black Buck, Indian Rhino, Cranes, Leopard, Indian Lion, White Bengal Tiger, Camel, Indian Peacock and Cobra among other varied species of birds and animals.

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries
The variety of India's flora and fauna can be found in the country's over 500 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Venture through the uncharted territory and embark upon a journey that is sure to leave you slack jawed and your appetite whetting for more.

These parks and sanctuaries flaked all over the country have their own unique attractions to offer. Touring options inside the reserve areas abound. Jeep, elephants, camel are the one's for safaris inside the park. Boat cruises take you to joints where you can watch the wildlife basking near the water bodies in summer or frolicking about. Or you can simply saunter around in a group if you are a brave-heart - that is. Get on a quest for the nearly extinct Snow Leopard in the Himalayan national parks or challenge the might of the majestic Indian Tiger at Corbett.

Wildlife Resorts
A wildlife escapade in India is not complete until one decides to spend a few days amongst the wilderness. Wildlife resorts located in different national parks and wildlife sanctuaries lets you experience just that. Imagine living in a tree house, eighty feet above the ground or an antique wildlife resort where your dinner partner may be a wild beast feasting on its prey. Wake up to the twittering of birds or the roar of a lion, definitely a spine chilling experience. If all this sounds too fancy, just hop on a plane and experience the fascination at close quarters. Wildlife Tours India has a range of tour packages that are customized to take complete care of your visit and stay and ensure you leave with pleasant memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Quick Tips
Travelling in the wilderness is sure an exciting experience but it also requires some sense and sensitivity. To ensure the best out of your travel, just follow these basic tips and carry away much more than beautiful moments in the wild....

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