Wildlife Photography Tour - India, the land of mega diversity rich in flora and fauna is the best suited for wildlife photography to capture the fascinating world of nature and wildlife to the camera.
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Wildlife Photography in India Wildlife Photography
Photographing wildlife in their natural habitat provides an exciting insight into their fascinating and complicated world. It is fascinating and equally exciting to photograph a breath taking sunset or capture a colorful avian in flight. But photographing wildlife is no easy job. It is absolutely different from clicking a photo of a human being in cities. The subject, which is often difficult to spot may also be dangerous at times. A wildlife photographer must have a sharp vision, loads of patience, courage and quick reflexes. We provide you with some basic points which you would do well to pay attention to while trying to capture the wildlife in your camera.

Be Prepared
Too often, photographers forget about one of the most important aspects of wildlife and nature photography - Preparation. Not only one must have a complete understanding of camera equipment, but also have a thorough understanding of the natural environment.

Know Your Subject
One of the most important things to do before leaving for a photography expedition is to gain basic information about wildlife you want to shoot, which will be of great help to you. This includes their habitat and habits.

Dress for the Ocassion
Unimportant as it may seem, choosing the appropriate costume is as important as any other thing. Try not to wear flashy colors and strong smelling perfumes that would gain you unwanted attention. Most animals would associate black color with danger, so it is best to stick to light earth colors which would blend with the environs.

It's Good to Get Help
Most national parks in India will require you to be accompanied by a guide. Moreover, this will also help you get valuable information about the place. Keep all your equipment handy to avoid missing on a priceless shot.

Take Care of Your Equipment
Wildlife photography requires delicate and costly equipment. It is better if you are fully acquaint with your stuff and know exactly how to use it. Do not forget to carry plenty of film as the opportunities may be many. Take absolute care of your film (if you do not yet own one of those latest digital cameras) and protect it from dampness and dust.

Protect Nature
The most important thing to remember is that you are a visitor to the home of animals. Take special care to protect your surroundings and obey the laws of nature. Do not leave the plastic bags and other unwanted stuff behind. Carry all the material outside and dispose off in a proper area.

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